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Prego.. and this time I AM talkin’ pasta!

So this past weekend we acted like young college kids again. And it was fun. It’s been FOREVER since I had plans both nights on a weekend, let alone they were parties which led me to be out past midnight both nights. Husband even got to let loose and utilize his designated driver, as well as get a little campin’ out of his system..

Friday: Our group of friends got together for “Camping at the Kelleys”.. which consisted of roasting wieners over the fire pit, sipping warm, delicious apple cider, roasting s’mores, bundling up and watching Paranormal Activity on their screened-in porch. Baby boy and I headed home around 1:30am, leaving the baby daddy to watch Paranormal Activity 2 with the rest of the group and get a whoppin’ 4 hours of cold, rainy sleep in a tent set up in their backyard. I honestly considered it. But then again I do have a mini munchkin to think about so I played it safe and went home, hittin’ the hay around ohhhh 2am. Sorry I have no pictures.. I had full intentions of documenting the evening but 1) we were in a hurry and forgot the camera 2) youll see below that my camera phone is ass 3) it was drizzling most of the night so the big ol’ fancy camera probably wouldn’t have been used anyway.

Saturday: Up at 7:45am to go collect the baby daddy at the Kelley’s and enjoy a big ol’ breakfast prepared by Chef Matt for those that had “camped over.” We visited for a while, snuggled baby boys and let our orange glazed buns settle. Then it was Halloween costume prep time and a NAP. We also managed to squeeze in ordering new iPhone 4s’s. Can you say halle-freakin-lujah!! Seriously, it was TIME for new phones.

Halloween party! Hubs and I hit up the Good Will for a red turtleneck, Michael’s for some felt, took a little siesta then it was cuttin’ out letters and vegetables time! I drew the templates for the logo while Aaron cut the felt. And there ya have it.. Prego sketti sauce.

Aaron didn’t like my suggestions of him being a donut, fuzz or making a Lady Gaga meat dress out of bacon (the cop jokes never get old mwhaha), so he went for a quick, grab-from-your-closet kinda costume. You know, everyone has a Samurai outfit under their sweats, right?

Demon eyes and a distracted hubby was unplanned. Our good friends that live in Japan sent us this along with a pink kimono as a wedding gift. Glad we could get good use out of it. Again.. what TERRIBLE pictures you take tween phone!

Now, onto the other creative costumes from the party…

Charlie Sheen and a Gold Digger

Lt. Dangle and his inmates

Franzia boxed wine with a working spout!!! This was a huge hit - wine stand anyone?

And the Karate Kid… remember? From this scene..

I finally talked Mr. Samurai into leaving at midnight because this Mama was ti-yerd.

Sunday was devoted to resting, finishing up the painting in the nursery and moving the dresser into the room. It’s lookin’ good yall, it’s lookin’ good!

Happy Halloween!!

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