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Baby BOY Bitting Update :)

How Far Along: 21 weeks! Over the hump!

What doin’: Havin’ lunch with a pal from work.. she gets mad photo cred. I know it looks like I stuffed a flat pillow up my shirt so I figured I owed you the truth. THIS is the belly under that flowy granola-ful shirt:

BAM! Holy boobs.

Cravings: Still have the ‘buds for sweets. I usually go through punkins and candy corn every Halloween like it’s my job — but you can bet your witches I’ll be KILLING it this year! Starting 3 weeks ago when I spotted them on the shelf.

Sleep: It’s a battlefield over in my zip code of the bed. I start out nice and snuggled into Mr. Snoogle. But it quickly turns into something similar to wrestling an alligator. I’m a tosser. And every time I toss from one side to another I have to untangle/readjust my legs in the darn thing since it wraps so nicely around you. And I’ll do anything to end up on my back. Including tossin’ the darn thing into the next zip code over, suffocating the baby daddy. But no pitty needed - he comes to bed armed with elbows.

Gender: A squishy, snuggly, squirmy little boy :)

Weight Gain: 7 lbs.. and counting.

Names: Ohhh same ol’. Front runners: Cruz (although Hubs vetoed it), Wyatt, Gavin, Brady, Aiden… who knows.

Symptoms: I think [gulp] that the heartburn fairy has come for a visit. Why I thought I could get away without this symptom I don’t know, but I was hopeful. It’s not terrible or too uncomfortable at all - just a smidge of heat goin’ on in my esophageal regions between meals. And usually it’s if I eat a large meal rather than a few small ones.

Pondering: I’d rather break my left pinky toe than clean out the guest bedroom closet. But it has to be done to make room - the gun safe CANNOT remain in the baby’s closet… as much as I’ve tried to work it into the decor.

Favorite moment this week: Cupcake truck! I mean, come on.

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