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Cupcakes on Wheels.. yes, please!

Guess who came for a visit at work today.. a cupcake truck.

Yes, you read that right. Cupcakes. on wheels. I received this email prior to leaving work yesterday:

I’m happy to announce there will be a dessert truck here tomorrow from 1:00-3:00, Daisy Cakes! Serving: Vanilla Dream, Chocolate Fix, Red Velvet, Chocolate Top, and Black and White cupcakes.

Usually, these emails advertise food vendors such as burger trucks, pizza trucks, bbq trucks etc that will be coming to our parking lot to serve lunch, BUT A CUPCAKE TRUCK?! Cue the butterflies and angels!!

I seriously thought I’d died and gone to pregnancy heaven. To have a truck full of delicious cupcakes driven to my doorstep. I was so excited, I woke up at 6:30am ready for the day! I had high hopes for you Daisy Cakes. We both did (me and the mini).

I counted down the minutes to 1 o’clock, glanced out the window and much to my delight, was met with this:

A trailer full of cupcakes that could be alllllll mine. (and his too, of course). I snagged every poor soul on my floor that wasn’t in a meeting (that’s what you get for leaving your door open) and made my way to cupcake paradise.

For $3 I was expecting magical fairy dust to be in the middle. At least a sprinkle surprise or something. But you let me down Daisy Cakes. There were no sprinkles. No magical fairy dust. And no ‘smack ya momma’ flavor to be found. But then again, who can say a cupcake truck came to their work today? (aside from you other 325 Rho employees.. smart asses.)


I’ll take a mediocre cupcake over a stinky slab o’ribs any day.

  1. amiracle4us said: I’ll take any of those trucks if it =’s good food! Hmmm how do other companies get this hook up??
  2. callherblessed said: mmmm i want a cupcake now!
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