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The Balloon reveal!! Where Aaron and I found out with our Raleigh family that you were a baby boy.

Y’all. I was SO nervous - can’t you tell?? Aaron tried to make it fast and pain free so we could finally know, while attempting not to see too early. What a dear.

Thank you to our wonderful friend, Matt, for putting this video together!!!

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  1. debnroux said: We LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!!!
  2. withperspective said: Love it!!
  3. katiepiemiscellany said: I love your outfit!
  4. itsalovethingalways said: You guys are adorable!!!!!! This made me tear up!
  5. callherblessed said: oh my GOSH!!! I LOVED THIS! so exciting (and made me cry)! :)
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